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First post. Learning Hexagon and I have a few objects. Shoes to be exact.

I assign Shading Domains to different parts of the shoes until all of the parts are accounted for. But the unassigned faces never disappears even though all faces are assigned. That doesn't bother me and may not be the problem.

The issue is when I take it into other programs like Daz 3D or Carrera I get this Def_Surf_Mat as one of the shading domains. What is it? How do I get rid of it? I don't need the domain because all of the shoe parts are accounted for. Is it an export setting? It is present whether I save it as an OBJ or hit the "Send to Daz Studio" button.

I want to make products and have learned hexagon over the past 3 months. This has become a stumbling block I can't find an answer to.


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    Normally, I use the "Unassigned faces" as a used domain.

    Rather than assigning all the polygons to new domains, the last group of polygons (the last part) are left as "unassigned faces" but are given a new material.


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    In the past I have brought it back into Hex and cleaned up the zones then exported again. Normally that fixes it. I think you also could just pull up "polygon group editing tool" and delete the extra group.

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    I get this problem when exporting the OBJ and importing it into Daz Studio, normally it is caused by having parts grouped, if this is the cause I export it and import it again. If that does not work I select the material and give it a bright red colour, this highlights the problem area and back to Hex to fix things.

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    Or you just hide it in your rendering prog' Assuming nowt serious. ;-)

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