A custom UV to enlarge the G8F nipple area

I hope all this talk of nipples is kosher for this forum, but I just wanted to share a custom UV I made that enlarges the nipple area on the Genesis 8 Female. I find that quite a few texture sets have nipples that seem too small to fully fit the G8F nipple geometry, this UV can correct that. It also offers an option to enlarge the nipples for whatever reason, one that doesn't rely on morphs.

https://www.deviantart.com/tritiumcg/art/Base-Female-Larger-Nipples-UV-for-G8F-Daz-Studio-785566703 | http://fav.me/dczpf5b

I put a mature-rating on the promo image but it's just a greyscale representation of the nipple area before and after use of this UV. IMHO it ought to be SFW but we are talking nipples here so...

Because of the mature rating you might have to fill in your birthdate before it'll allow you to download, or if you have a deviantart account you can just login instead.

I do hope that some here will find a use for it. :)


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