Hexagon crashing repeatedly

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I have purchased and installed Hexagon on my desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
I can open hex and created an object. I can work with that object and modify it and do whatever I want to do to it.
I can save the object when I am done.

If I try to open an object, hex crashes immediately after opening it. It happens every time no mater what hex file I open. It doesn't matter how simple or complex the object is. I can open a file that consists of just a cube primative, and it crashes as soon as it finished loading.

I have updated my display drivers but it did not help.

Hex runs fine on my laptop running XP 32bit.

Any suggestions? My laptop doesn't have the guts to do DS and Hex stuff. I need to get this working on the desktop.


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    Yes, unfortunately this is the nature of Hexagon. I am also on Win7 64bit. Here Hex also crashes from tiem to time, but not so often. The most important thing is to save often. Very often :-)
    Most people seem to have similar problems. Just read in the forum about them. So we are all waiting for an update. And waiting and waiting and waiting..... maybe it willo happen, maybe not.

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    I have it working now.

    I set OpenGL optimization to "None" in preferences and now it works perfectly.

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    I run Hex on Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit and have OGL set at VBO (fastest) and it works perfectly. Could be because I have a 1 Gig Nvidia GPU, maybe because on the advice of one of the technically savvy users I installed to Program Files instead of the default Program Files (X86) ?

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    It could very well be an issue with the OpenGL drivers for my particular video card. I have been using it extensively for the past few days and it hasn't crashed once since I set the OpenGL optimization to None.

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    I've read a lot about Hex crashing for various reasons, my problem was it crashing when trying to use UV and paint tools on an imported .obj file.

    The solution is to

    copy and paste it, delete the original and work on the pasted model


    select the model press the control key windows/command key mac then left click the mouse on the selected object and drag. this creates a copy of the object which can be edited.

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    I run Hex on Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit and have OGL set at VBO (fastest) and it works perfectly.

    I also have this set up on my machine but on Ultimate, with similar results. :-)

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