Can using Meshroom to create rocks for Bryce possible?

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Has anyone used Meshroom to create rocks or boulders for Bryce? For me, the Bryce Symmetrical Lattice can be a challenge creating rocks and boulders; the results can be discouraging.

 On the Daz3d website, a third party vendor has tutorials and videos called: Photogrammetry: Creating Daz Studio Assets from PhotosYou'll need ZBrush and Substance Designer and Painter (optional). ;  

I listed some websites of free software that might substitute ZBrush and Substance Designer and Painter, in case someone wants to try without breaking the bank.

Meshroom (Free):
Sculptris (Free):
Shader Map (Free - Limited 1024 x 1024):
Krita (Free Painting Program): (Free Painting Program)
Gimp (Free Image Manipulation Program): (Free Image Manipulation Program)

*Shader Map (UV Mapping, Displacement, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Bump among others).



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    use 3Dzephyr from 3D flow

    it kicks Meshroom to the kerb

    and exports a prefectly ready to use obj

    retopology and texture transfer in Blender may be a good idea though

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    Wendy_Carrara - Many thanks for your input; it's definitively worth trying it out.

    3DF Zephyr - (


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