View All stopped working

This is weird. In my Perspective View and Front View, I can no longer use "View All" or "View Selected" buttons. Top View and Right View work fine. Anyone else having the problem?

This is in Beta and the latest release. I'm using Win 10 Pro.


  • Actually, a whole bunch of things don't seem to be working as expected.

    I've reinstalled to C:/, turned off Triple buffering, and threaded optimization, reset defaults...

    But Hexagon is still acting weird.

  • Hmmm... now everytime I start it, BETA or regular, I get a box "XML parsing error: 'not well formed (invalid token)' at line 1

    After I escpape the warning box, Hexagon will start.

  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,838

    Try resetting your preferences

  • Thanks Ascania,

    I just tried that but still getting the XML error.

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