'exception on before draw' ??


Just beginning with Hexagon mostly to import some props which does not import well in DAZ, to transfer them. One of my objects fails to be selected, and I get the error message 'exception on before draw'. What does that mean and can I fix it?



  • What file format are you importing into Hexagon?

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  • Very strange, DAZ Studio should import OBJ files, can you post an screengrab of your Import Options ? 

    See attachment of my setings.

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    The object imports well in Hexagon.

    It's when I try to transfer the object from Hexagon do DAZ, the errors start happening. When I select all the parts  of the object I get the error message !the application has encountered an internal error. Save your documents as soon as possible to restart." I don't know what that is about. And when I select 'Send to DAZ studio' I'm not getting the complete object. And then Hexagon freezes.

    I start anew and try instead to move the object parts one by one and that's when I get said error on one of the parts, and they are not possible to move into daz. It seems as if the object is corrupt in some parts.

    If I import it directly to DAZ on the other hand it's just one big bundle and with no material zones. It's to split it up and get hold on the material zones I'm trying to import it through Hexagon. I'm running Hexagon

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