Modified pants in Hexagon for M4. Sent pants to Daz Studio, and Daz auto-loads them on Genesis, whic

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When I send the pants remodeled by Hexagon to Daz, Daz automatically opens Genesis, and loads the pants on Genesis. That seems to wreck the pants, which are from M4's wardrobe, not meant by the original designer for Genesis. (The pants are part of the content called "30sMensWear".) If you are remodeling clothing in Hexagon for a particular character, how do you get Daz to load it on to that character via the bridge between Hexagon and Daz? Or how do you get that done in any other simple way?

I'm new at this, so the simplest methods and most transparent explanations will be appreciated.


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    Well I'm not into this sort of thing. But if I remember correctly, if you have added or removed any of the original "vert's" then it will never work. You can only move the original vert's around. But somebody who knows what they are talking about will chime in with the correct answer soon enough. LOL :-)

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    Hi EdwardX3 :)

    Could you give us the steps you took to get the pants into Hex? Is Studio set to load Genesis on opening?

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    hmm.. not sure if this might help, but as a possiblity, you could also try opening daz 4 prehand and then try sending the model directly from there after you cleard out your scene and loaded the correct figure you wanted to use. Not really a surefire method cause im not sure what is causing the pants to be destroyed.
    But it can provide as troubleshooting to help futher resolve your problem :)

    p.s. ( by the way this is my 23rd post, just like me ) woot!! :P

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    Red Square, that's my understanding too - that if you add any vertices or take any away, the morph becomes a static prop back in Daz Studio. It's possible I removed or added vertices to the pants without knowing it in Hexagon, as I 'm new to this stuff.

    Thank you responding, Red Square.

    Roygee, Studio is set to load Genesis automatically when Studio opens -- at least in my experience. As for steps. I tried to follow the documentation for the bridge between Hexagon and Daz Studio.

    The instructions seemed pretty simple -- as I recall, basically one opens Daz Studio and selects the figure and/or clothing one wishes to modify in Hexagon. Then in Daz one clicks on File --> Edit -->Send to Hexagon. At that point, if Hexagon is not open, Daz Studio opens Hexagon and the figure or clothing or whatever appears in a Hexagon document ready to be modified. One then modifies it, and must avoid adding or subtracting any vertices to the mesh, otherwise when sent back to Daz, it will no longer be morphable, and will be only a prop.

    To send back from Hexagon to Daz, one does the same steps in reverse. Select the item in Hexagon -- then click on File -->Send to Daz Studio. At that point, Hexagon will open Daz Studio and send over to Daz the remodeled figure and /or clothing. Hexagon apparently will not send the remodeled figure back to the Daz Studio document the figure came from, regardless of whether that Daz document remains open and ready to receive the remodeled figure. Instead Hexagon opened a new Daz Studio document and dropped the remodeled pants there, onto Genesis, who auto-opens when Daz Studio opens.

    Roygee, thank you for your interest.

    Apoc23, that's what I did -- I had Daz Studio open to a scene of Michael 4 wearing the pants I was planning to modify. Nothing else in the scene. I then sent those pants over to Hexagon, remodeled them, sent them back to Daz. I tried it a few times, searching each time for a different reason that might be causing the situation.

    Apoc23, thank you for the interest.

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    By the way, I don't know if everyone knows that Hexagon and Bryce are, for now at least, free to download. I guess that's old news around here, but up until a few days ago I only knew about Daz Studio being free.

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    I've just done some tests - I long ago stopped DS from automatically loading Genesis on startup - preferences>startup>uncheck "Default scene". Without Genesis in the scene, I loaded a V4 bra and sent to Hex. Did a morph and sent it back, no problem.

    I then reset the DS preferences to load Genesis on startup and when I re-sent the bra, it was on Genesis - but not messed up.

    Suggest try setting DS not to load Genesis and see what happens.

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    Roygee, thank you for your reply. I will look into that.

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