Two Questions.

1) I already have Hexagon 2.5 installed on my computer.I also have in my purchased history the Beta Version.But I cannot seem to find anywhere to download it! It is not in DIM or any any option to download it!

2) I am a complete novice with Hexagon and I would like to make some morphs for the Genesis figures.What tools do I use to make holes and bumps in a figure? All the tutorials seem to me to go all around the world.Say a lot and then say nothing! regarding the use of tools.I wish tutorial experts would do a tute showing what the tools do in the most simplistic terms for us novices.Cheers


  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,838

    1) Turn the Public Builds download filter on.

    2) Tutorial experts don't do that because it is too complex an issue for a noob who doesn't even know the basics. If you want simplistic terms look at the beginners tutorials and once you learned how to do things in Hexagon you can come back to trying to make a morph and you'll actually understand what the experts tell you.

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