Hexagon cursor ghosting in UV tools

I'm having a huge problem with cursor ghosting.  If i select the UV tools like pinch or soften,  as soon as the roung cursor passes over the mesh is starts leaving a trail of circles.  It's basically impossible to use these tools.  How can I stop this?  The example has symetry on, but turning it off doesn't help either.


ghosting example.PNG


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    This is a known problem which is easily fixed, all you have to do is turn off Local Redraw in your preferences - Edit, Preference Editor, Advanced, 3D Display and untick the box.

    Local Redraw.jpg
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  • Thank you!  I tried searching for a solution but perhaps I was t hitting the right key words.   Thank you again.   These tools are useful and it was real frustrating not being able to take advantage of them. 

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