DAZ Animation Support in Iray Server - timeline?


Almost exactly 2 years ago, Philip Miller at NVIDIA Arc posted 

Happy to announce that the latest version of Daz Studio ( now supports the Iray Server Queue for rendering single frames.
Complete animation support will come in a later release.

Is there a timeline when this might be implemented? I might have missed something but I couldn't find anything on this except this 2 year old statement, from NVIDIA.



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    It's been 2 months without a reply - is it finally OK to bump this? I bumped it previously while also asking additional questions 1 month after no reply and got a reply from another user but both comments were deleted by a mod (not sure which one because there was no notification) before I could check what the other user had written. I tried and ask a mod about guidelines through PM but I didn't get a response. It seems bumping makes more sense than re-posting this (as it hasn't been answered in any way - not even an "the official stance is we don't have an answer" type of reply).

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    This is something only Daz can answer https://www.daz3d.com/help/help-contact-us .

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