Hexagon Crash then hxn file is corrupted

Hi, I have been having the problem the last few days where if Hexagon crashes with a model opened, it corrupts the file and then when I open the .hxn file nothing appears. However, all the data seems to still be in the file as its bitsize looks like the appropriate size.

Is there any way to fix the corrupted file? Strangely, the last crash even corrupted the "save" file and the "save as" file I was hoping would be my safety file in case anything happened.

I like Hexagon, but the frequent crashes and this problem have me really feeling anxious.



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    Try rebooting your system?

  • Doni's advice is about the best anyone can offer you.

    The only file that would be affected by any data corruption in a crash issue would be the open file at the time of the crash.
    If your previously saved files are corrupted after rebooting the program it's not the crash that's causing the file corruption.
    You may have a virus issue or a defective hard drive.

    You can try saving the files directly to a flash drive rather than your hard drive.

    If the files are still corrupted from the flash drive your probebly experienceing some type of virus issue.

    Bear in mind that these drawing programs use a tremendous amount of memory and work on the part of the computer.
    It mighth be time to look at your system and maybe upgrade?

    You can still buy remanuf'd desktop, quads online for under $200

  • Importing an HXN, rather than opening one, and then re-saving as a new HXN, has worked for me.

  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the insight. I still haven't gotten any of the models to open, whether import or open. I don't think its a sluggish computer, I'm using a threadripper with 128 GB of memory and a 2 TB nVme drive on this project.

    That said, the nVMe drive may be the culprit since the last Windows update. Ever since then, I have been getting strange, intermittent pauses and freezes. Well, maybe the Windows update is the real culprit, but it seems to be effecting the drive. ShawnDriscoll, what version of the program did you have success importing the HXN? By the way, is there any way for Daz itself to open a hxn file other than the Bridge?


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    It was versions of Hex from 10 years ago. Anyway, maybe you have an OBJ of the model that you can import and make a new HXN from. Worse case senario is start from scratch, if you didn't have backups of your previous HXNs.

    I don't use DAZ Studio. So have no idea what that does to HXN files.

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    PM me a link to your file and I can take a look to see what's up.
  • DzFire said:
    PM me a link to your file and I can take a look to see what's up.

    Hey DzFire it would be my honor. I'm a big fan of your Ruth's Redemption model! Using it right now in a project. :-D

  • DzFireDzFire Posts: 1,473

    Let me finish up with som renders and I'll look at it


  • DzFireDzFire Posts: 1,473

    I tried opening it but no luck. Looks like the file was only about 300 kb. Sorry Buddy.

  • DzFire said:

    I tried opening it but no luck. Looks like the file was only about 300 kb. Sorry Buddy.

    Ah that's ok, thanks for trying. I read in some other threads people having luck sometimes opening corrupted files in Notepad++ and fixing a few lines in some cases.  But I've never been able to get that to work.

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