Custom made clothing not rigging to the genesis figure

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Hello! I'm a newbie to Daz and I have a genesis character (G1) morphed with "basic child". I exported my character as an obj file, modeled a hoodie in Blender and imported just the hoodie back to Daz Studio as an obj file. As far as my Daz Studio knowledge goes, I need to rig and fit the imported obj using the "Transfer Utility". But after transferring hoodie scales down, stretches weirdly and positions itself in an awkward position (around knees). What's causing this? Is there a step I forgot to follow?

Tried these so far:

  • Did this more than ten times.
  • Reimported the obj file.
  • Restarted Daz.
  • Tried to transfer using G3F. Happens the same thing around G3F knees.
  • Exported a UVSphere from Blender, imported it to Daz and tried to transfer it. Sphere does the same thing!

Attached screenshots,

Clothing fits perfectly to the character (before transferring) :)

Fits perfectly with my character

Transfer dialog :|

After transferring :(


Doesn't even pose with the character


Imported UV Sphere does the same thing!

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    In your second pic I see you have selected Genesis with "Item shape: Default" as the source, but you're trying to fit it to Genesis with Basic Child morph, not default Genesis.

    So you have to change that option to current shape, not default shape.

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    You must always model the outfit to the base figure shape.  If you need it to fit a certain morph as well, then you make a copy and adjust it to that shape which can be loaded in as a morph for the original item and linked to the figure morph.

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