DOF Tool? Get Advanced Cameras and Lights Script or Equivelant in Poser 11 Pro?

When I wanted to create nice DOF effects in Poser, I used to use a handy script (one of MANY) by ShaderWorks (semeidue/ Basil Gass I think?) that created guides so you could easily lock-in what you wanted in and out of focus, amongst other things.

This script, like many, does not work in Poser 11.  Is there any way of modifying these older scripts to work in Poser 11?  OR, does anyone know of something equivelant?  I know there are scripts that will allow you to get the distance of selected objects, and Poser's built-in tool, but none of those help with the range.

I believe I read somewhere that Basil has basically retired from the biz (great loss to the community), so that is probably not an option.  Would appreciate any insight here.  Thanks!


PS> I guess the same goes for his other great scripts like Library Manager, Render Manager, etc.


  • philebusphilebus Posts: 241

    Without checking, I suspect the python is compiled and so won't be editable. It's a shame because I used to find a few of his plugins very helpful and there's just nothing else like them on the market now (I'm probably going to go back and install and older version of Poser to get a little use from them still).

  • ^^THIS^^ :)

    Yeah, I have every version of Poser since the original Poser 3 back in the late 90's, most of them boxed up somewhere.  But I think that his stuff will work in version 9 (2012), or maye even 10(2014).  Can anyone verify?  But it's not really a good workaround, because the really useful stuff are things you use ALL the time, not the type of thing you can/want to jump back an forth between versions on, if you follow.

    This is very true of a LOT of other scripts as well I'm sure.  I have so many from various vendors over the years too. :0



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    ... I suspect the python is compiled and so won't be editable ...

    Actually, no they are not! smiley At least the Advanced Lights and Cameras.  Do you happen to know Python well enough to fix them or give some insight?    The error(s) I am receiving is: 

    ", line 1, in <module>
        import poser, string, math, os, Numeric
    ImportError: No module named Numeric"


    "line 592, in <module>
    NameError: name 'WriteDefaultToUniverse' is not defined"

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    Sorry, I'm afraid that I've never attempted scripting myself. There used to be some python gurus at the RDNA forums but these days, I can only suggest putting out the question to either the Renderosity or the Smith Micro forums, either one probably sees more traffic than here at the moment.

  • No problem, thanks. I've done some scripting (used to be very good at BASIC and Fortran, lol ... back in the day), but never learned Python.  

    Take care.

  • 3drendero3drendero Posts: 2,017
    From the other forum, they suggested to google the freebie tool "Focus For Poser by corvas", works with Poser 11.
  • 3drendero3drendero Posts: 2,017
    And another freebie DOF tool for P11, hope its OK to direct link to sharecg.
  • LlynaraLlynara Posts: 4,770

    Thanks for these! I was wondering how to do DOFs in Poser!

  • rrwardrrward Posts: 556

    I just enable the focus guide to locate the focal point of the picture and some notes from an old photography site I used to read to figure out the appropriate fstop.

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