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I've dusted off Aiko 3 & Kioki and I have a question about some of the parameters. Under "Head" I can see several parameters:


Since they are under the Head, I expect them to only affect the head, but they actually affect the whole body.. There ARE corresponding morphs under "Body" without the initial 'p' that work the same way.

Does anyone know why these dials are there?

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    From memory there’s a dial corresponding to the full body morphs in each body part.

  • As Leana says, there are sliders on each part - though I think they are hidden by default (look to see if you have Show Hidden Properties enabled in the Parameters pane option menu - the lined button in the top corner, or right-click the tab). In Poser the geometry and morphs belonged to the bones, the figure was an organiser with a remote control slider to drive morphs that spanned more than one bone; in DS 4 the geometry and modifiers belong to the figure.

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    I know about the dials in every part, but they're only supposed to affect that part, usually looking pretty ugly. These are in the head and afecting the whole body

  • A morph on a bone can be ERC linked to others, just as the sliders on the figure can. it's an odd way to set things up, but not impossible.

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