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I have been using Studio for many months and I have saved many poses.  The predefined poses are catorgized by type, example ktanding, kneeling, stiitng etc.  I do not have trouble finding and using the user defined poses (they are in the presets folder). The problem is...

Whenever I save a new user defined pose, it gets put into one BIG folder.  It makes finding the desired user defined pose very tedious.  I have found the "presets" folder with all the poses and tried to make subdirectories (I used the operating system to do this).  I then put the appropriate poses into the new folder but when I try to access them Studio does not display the new subdirectories and the files in them.  How can I get Studio to "see" them.


  • ChezjuanChezjuan Posts: 302

    If I make changes to the directory structure using the OS while DAZ is running, I need to right-click the folder I changed and select "refresh" in DAZ, or exit and reload DAZ for the changes to appear.

    If you've exited and restarted DAZ and the new structure doesn't appear, I am not sure what is going on.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 4,263

    Are you talking about categories in Smart Content? I think you need to categorize your poses (right click the icon, click "categorize..." and pick your category by expanding the list till you find kneeling, standing or whatever.) It's a bit time-consuming but should work.


    After a lot of expermenting, I found a suitable work around.  Instead of trying to create a subdirectory in Posing (in the user interface) I was able to categorize the poses.  In categories I found "poses" and was able to create the desired sub-directories.  I then categorized the poses in the "poses -> Saved files -> Preset" folder.  I now access the desired pose from the categories menu.

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