Lycaon the werewolf- question!

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Does anyone have Lycaon?

Can anyone let me know how it works without Freak 5? Could you use, perhaps, Freak 3 or 4 for genesis instead of Freak 5?

I bought troll for genesis in the past just to use elebeast, but i can't afford to get Freak just for Lycaon....

So can anyone let me know if i could use the freak 3 or 4 morphs for Genesis instead of Freak 5?

If so can you let me see how it looks?

My thanks in advance.....



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    Heres a side by side using Freak 5 and Freak 4 there actually doesn't look as if there's much difference.
    You will probably get error messages not sure.
    Just in case you missed it the Freak 5 Pro bundle is in Fast grab for $29.99 (still a lot I know especially when you really only want it for one thing), or hopefully the freak will be greatly discounted during the PC sale.

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  • DisparateDreamerDisparateDreamer Posts: 2,136
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    So the Freak 4 one, you zero'ed Freak 5 and put in 4?

    I actually kind of like freak 4 better (tho his hands are smaller but i think that can be scaled up a bit)

    yeah I saw freak 5 in fast grab-but yeah still too much for me since i ONLY would get him for lycaon. But since he looks great with Freak 4 I think Lycaon is staying in my cart. YIPPIE.

    Now i'm hoping there's going to be a major PA catchup sale...because i missed almost all the PA's. Now I have a GC to spend on PA stuff but most are off sale and I have a massive cart full of hopeful purchases.... *crosses fingers*

    Thanks for the helpful comparison Scorpio! :D

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