Saving work with two characters in Poser

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I think I saw this problem discussed somewhere but I can't find it. Working in Poser I have two characters in the same scene, one is M4 and the other is a Geneses character. When I save the work I am doing then open it later only the M4 character is there. There is an outline of the Genesis character but thats all. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong. Thank You


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    I've had that happen on occasion when only Genesis was in the scene. I suspect it's the DSON plug-in being a bit slow to catch up, as eventually Genesis loaded and "filled up" the outline. But it did take so long I wondered if maybe the whole thing was borked. Hope someone has a better answer, as it sure is frustrating.

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    Usually I just change cameras briefly to refresh the display. I've yet to have Genesis not actually load when that happens, though.

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    Yep, I did the same thing, moved the camera a little and the Genesis figure finally loaded. Thanks for the tip. I thought I lost all my work.

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