Platinum club coupons start a day early?

Normally I use the coupons early enough in the month that I do not notice this but this is the second time I've waited until the last day, due to life, and found out that my coupon from the month before had already expired.  I'm easter standard time and it is 9pm here on nov 30th, that means something like 6pm mountain standard time.  So I'm well within the time that this should still be the prior month.  Is this normal? 


  • You should be able to still use your November coupon, just change the coupon code to the current month if you are looking at codes on your account page. They moved up when the new month codes go live so people weren't missing out on them for the first few hours of the month due to time zones, but they should overlap slightly now as far as I understand.
  • Yes, that is how it works. If you haven't used the November coupon/s, you can still use them today. Then turn around and use the December ones if you want.

  • freni-kynfreni-kyn Posts: 376

    Ok thanks.  I could not figure it out. 

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