Creating New Mat Zones?

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I've got a couple of props which look great, but only have one mat zone. Trouble is, I need a bit more control. Is there any way I can add more zones, without redoing the UV maps from scratch? (Ideally I'd do this in Hexagon, though I've got Blender as well - just not as familiar with it. If there's other freeware that's more fit-for-purpose, of course, I'd be more than pleased to check it out.)

Thanks for any help!

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    Use the Polygon Group Editor tool. Using the Self Serve layout the tool can be found in the Building | Scripting tab/room. Switch the the DrawStyle option to one of the Wired Shaded options to see the individual polygons. Hold Ctrl and left-click to select polygons. Once the polygons are selected right click on them to bring up the polygon options and select Polygon Assignment / Create Surface from Selected.

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    Cheers mate! Just what I was after. :-)

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