Duplicating whole sections possible?

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Hi there, im new to Daz3D.

I'm in the process of creating an interior for a space ship. But i do not know how i can select a whole section (ie. a room) and duplicate it so i can put link up multiple rooms or creating corridors this way saving a lot of work. Is this possible?

Also is it possible to create your own content and add it to the library, in the case of above if you created a room, corridors and wish to be able to have them as individual props/set pieces for future projects. Is that possible?




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    Create what you want the room to be, save scene and then whenever you need the room, go to file-->Merge and merge the scene.

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    if you export it as an obj and reimport it can become one solid prop, you can then use texture atlas to create a single texture.
    No good for moving parts but for non-movable walls, floors etc fine.
    You can always use Hexagon to select unneeded vertices and delete them if you wish,
    be careful though, you can mess up uv mapping
    you can send to Hexagon from studio
    you can also move vertices on a solid obj form of the prop using soft select like doors etc to create open/close morphs but do not delete any to do this.
    sending back to Daz studio creates the morphs.

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    Thanks for the tips.

    What about while i'm creating something, am i able to select several walls and copy them so that the clone has the same joining pieces (eg.floor and two walls joining as a corner.)

    Thanks again,


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    for that you would need "send in the clones" a seperate product, though it is really meant for lots of duplicates.
    dunno if it works in DS4,
    (it is a script, not a plugin so should)
    I bought it but never used it! :red:
    I use Carrara, iClone and Poser which do duplicates.

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    In DS 4.5 look for Create-> New Node Instance(s) which will avoid loading the geometry a second time. The drawback is that it also uses the same shader/texture as the original. If you want a different texture/shader you can load a Geometry Shell which loads slightly bigger, and Apply Push Modifier with negative strength to push it back to normal size (I haven't tried it, but it should work). Apply Push Modifier is found in the top right corner Option menu button of the Scene tab->Edit->Apply Push Modifier (DS 4.5 or greater).

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