Tile Shader

I just purchased the Tile Shader For Daz and I can't select the individual shaders. When I select content library Tab, Then I select, DAZ Studio Formats > My DAZ 3D library > Shaders > DimensionTheory > Tile Shader. And I can't select  each tile.

What am I doing wrong?


I installed it using Install Manager. I am using DAZ 4.10

Tile Shader.jpg
1591 x 752 - 120K


  • just pulled this one back up, and realize why i don't use it.

    It's just a base shader, you have to manually apply textures, there's no "tiles" to select.


  • WilmapWilmap Posts: 2,871

    Try looking under Props, I think there are some things there for you to use. Not on my main PC so from memory.

  • Do bear in mind that this is a 3Delight shader. In Iray you can tile images separately using the default, just click the micro icon next to the property in the Shader pane and select Image Editor, then adjust the tiling.

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