Help - How do I use the smoothing brush for a morph across the bridge from Studio?

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I modeled  simple skirt and blouse for G8F.  Skirt ended up fine.  Having trouble with the Blouse.

The blouse and skirt were modled to fit a custom morph and then the reverse to shape was used with the transfer utility.  This caused some undesirable results around the breasts.  I am trying to make a correction morph.  I loaded the figure (blouse)in Daz Studio along with G8F, and then selected the blouse and sent it across the bridge to Hexagon.   However, I can't seem to get the smoothing brush to work.  I try, but nothing happens.


Any basic help for using the smoothing brush?


ps - the offending faces are not trianles, even though they look like it.  that is what I am trying in part to smooth out.

tt01 simple blouse for g8f.JPG
1608 x 944 - 216K
tt02 smoothing brush.JPG
1763 x 1043 - 267K
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