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I'm coming over to Daz Studio from carrara.
Lots of stuff to learn.
I am also a mac user having a PC built for 3D and video edting.
I would like to buy Geforce GTX 1060 with 6GB of ram just to get up and running.
In 2019 I hope to get the RTX 2080ti.

Can the 1060 handle iray rendering of small scenes and one character?

Thanks in advance.

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  • For a single character, or even a simple scene, 4GB is enough - 6GB should handle a reasonable amount, and you can always improve matters by using smaller textures and removing unneeded maps, especially for distant items.

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    Yes, the 1060 will do nicely, and the RAM should be sufficient for most tasks. Two or three characters should be no problem unless you go big/detailed with your scenes.

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    Suitable for 'most tasks' is a little broad. When it comes to redering (and 3D graphics - not game related), it is very much not suitable for most tasks - although it can be used for many, just be aware you are compromising.

    If you only do small scenes, as Richard described, it will be fine. Windows 10 seems to reserve more RAM and if you also use it for display, you might be surprised how often you have to tweak to stop it falling to CPU.

  • Keep in mind that there are two aspects to "which is the right card", render speed and scene complexity. In general (there are exceptions) as you go up the ladder of card specifications, the same scene will render faster. Independent of this, as you go to cards with more VRAM, you can fit larger and more complex scenes into the card before the render falls back to the CPU. In your case, a 1060 card with 6GB is in the range "moderate speed, but will render fairly complex scenes". Like many things computer-related, it's a juggling act; you have to decide which aspect is more important to you (and don't forget your budget, the higher-end cards are expen$$$ive).

  • Thanks to everyone for much appreciated advice.

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