Very slow downloads on Poser 10 Updates

I haven't used Poser in a few years. My latest version is Poser 10. I'm using Smith Micro's Download Manager. The Content Updater and Service Release 5 downloads appear to be frozen. Do you have any suggestions on how to speed things up? Is it possible to download without using the Download Manager?


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    The devlog forum thread said a month ago, that a new web download tool is being developed. No ETA.
  • 3drendero, thanks for the tip.

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    The Poser dev log mentioned a fix 6 days ago. Try again.
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    "h.elwood.gilliland POSER TEAM 6 days ago Poser 10 Users We have fixed issues with updating Poser 10 on Download Manager. It should work for most users."
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  • Thanks. I got the downloads. Now Poser 10 says it can't display the content because it needs Adobe Flash Player. I downloaded & installed Flash Player, but still can't see the content.

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    Wait for a huge sale on Poser 11 Pro?
  • 3drendro I haven't used Poser in years. I thought it would be nice to install it again, so maybe I could just play with it. I won't spend a lot of money on Poser again.

  • Was it the browser plugin or standalone player you installed of Flash?

  • Yes. Both

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    Just a wild idea. Install another browser like Firefox and make it your new default browser. Google "change default browser windows 10" if 10 is what you are rolling with. Reboot and try again. Flash is 1-2 years away from being killed of by the remaining browsers and OSes.
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