What is the best way to import G3F into Hexagon?

What is the best way to import G3F (or other genesis figure) into Hexagon?  I want to make an outfit for G3F.


  • JonnyRayJonnyRay Posts: 1,744
    1. Make sure the figure is using Base Resolution in the Mesh Resolution properties and is in the zero pose with no morphs applied.
    2. Depends on your preference.
      1. Personally, I have used Studio's File -> Export to send it to an Object file
      2. Then, from Hexagon, I use File -> Import and pull the file into Hex.
      3. Others prefer to use the Hexagon Brdige which can send back and forth between Studio and Hex. I've just had mixed results with that.
    3. Once you get it in Hexagon, I select the whole figure and set a single shading domain for her and configure it with a color that will clash with my model; that way I can more easily spot poke through.
    4. I recommend saving a base file that has the figure loaded in it so you don't have to repeat this every time you want to model something new.
  • OBJ is king.

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