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sent a genesis 8 to hexagon, i see a wireframe of that figure, then whenever i click on anything else the figure dissapears from view until i select it again in the scene tree, what gives? i bought fugazis tutorial and just opened hexagon for the first time and bam got stuck on something trivial that every single other person must know how to fix.


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    I have seen this before, going by what it says in other posts here you can fix it by installing the latest version of Hexagon. In DIM do a search for Hexagon and look in the Ready To Download page. 

    I have the "Hexagon 2.5 (Win 64 bit) Public Build +Beta+ (version in hex shows And it works fine for me, I have used the Bridge to transfer a chacter from DS to Hex with no problems at all. I do however prefer to go the OBJ route coz I find it quicker and more useful (no hastle with changing colours).

    Edit to add - Chohole has just answered a simular question and she sent them here - http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php/public/software/hexagon/2/start

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    Or you can select her surfaces and change them back to opaque, it's a lot of them to change though and a pain in  the butt.

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