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I am trying to design a hat.  Here is what I have done...

1. In Dax studio, I created a Genesis 8 figure (Just the figure, nothing else)..

2. I saved the figure and expored the figure to hexagon using "Send to Hexagon".

3. Hexagon opens the Studio created figure as a wireframe.

4. I started create the hat by first making a cylinder which would be the base of the hat.  I intend to use the figure to get the various dimensions right.  When done, I intend to delete the figure.

5.The problem is the wirefrome for figures face is too complicated to be useful as a general guide.

Is there any way to display the figure as it would appear in Studio.  At the very least, display the figure in other than wireframe.

Another problem I have is that I would like the figure displayed but when I select the figure, the hat to be disappears and vice versa.

Bill Stanley



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    I'm no Hexagon expert, but if I'd like to do this I would:

    1. Set the Gen8 resolution to Base (Pic 1), then send it to Hexagon.

    2. In Hexagon select the imported Gen8 (1), then switch to face selection(2) and then Menu -> Select all, after that Window -> Material -> New (3) (Pic 2)

        (Hexagon seems to have issues with Iray surfaces, so I set a new material for the whole mesh)

    3. After that you can change the appearance of the mesh with the marked icons (Pic 3)

    4. With the smoothed solid option your mesh looks (almost) like in Daz Studio (Pic 4)

    P.S. Save often in Hexagon smiley


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    Bill, have you got the latest version of Hexagon I've just tried using the DS-Hex Bridge and it works fine for me. I do remember having the same problem on a previous Beta version,

    Personally I have used the export obj option, I have G8 male and female in various poses - A pose for clothes, and sitting for when I want to make a chair etc.


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