How do I make money for my 3D characters?

How do I make money for my 3D characters?  I was just wondering.  I know I am not allowed to scan real money to make 3D money.  But how do I make it without people think I am trying to counterfit?


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    You can scan it and post it on the internet worry free.

    People, myself included, do it all the time to sell it.

    I't's only ileagle if you print it and or attempt to pass it off as real.

    That's a real, US $1.00 bill and it's for sale for $5.00 incidently.
    It's also a free image for your Characters purse.
    I'd really appreciate it though if you use it that you post a pic of your character using it.

    Here are some more...

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    Do a search for "dollar empty template" and it will give you a lot to work with.

    dollar bill templates

    There's another thread around here about what you can or can't put on fake currency. I think the bottom line is that it can't be an exact reproduction and you probably shouldn't use terms like legal tender, federal reserve and all that official sounding stuff. Chances are you aren't rendering close enough for people to read the bills anyway. Have fun with it. Put your own picture on a bill.

  • You can go on Ebay and look up "Paper Currency" and you'll see what you can and can't do.

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