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  • I'd like to ask, is there a tutorial on how to create a cliffside, as if it appeared on the side of a highway?

  • akmerlowakmerlow Posts: 1,124

    So looking at playlists of tutorials, and after doing some of them, it looks like they are mostly about lighting and/or skies.

    While terrain creating and/or modelling is lesser focus?

  • SlepalexSlepalex Posts: 911

    I fear, ladies and gentlemen, that this topic is for references to real lessons and their discussion. For questions on a specific topic, you need to create a separate branch or find an existing one.

  • is there tutorials on animation like how to add sound to it etc?

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,103

    Hi Butterflyer welcome to the forum

    Maybe this thread will help you with the animation, not sure about the sound though.

  • S RayS Ray Posts: 398

    You will need video editing sortware to add sound to a Bryce animation. I don't know of any tutorials on animation in Bryce, but I can answer most questions on animating in Bryce.. Just start a new thread for them.

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