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I've been practicing texturing on and off for a couple of years now and I've never had every good results. I have a few basic questions to ask so I can get consistant decent results.

1- How large should the texture template be?

2- How important is the dpi, what setting? 72dpi? 300dpi?

3- Why the bloody hell everytime I try to use paths in photoshop, the lines are never smooth?

Any good tutorials out there?



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    1 Depending on how far away the object is. Close to the camera the higher you go. 4096 x 4096 seems to be the norm. You can go higher if you want but fior me 4096 seems high enough.

    2 DPI I would think it shouldn't matter but it would be noce to have confirmation on this from the ciontent makers themselves.

    3 have no idea as my little version of PSE dosn't do paths.:)

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    DPI is irrelevant in this context. It's relevant to print production, but not when the image remains digital. You can test this by changing the DPI in Photoshop (or equivalent)—as long as you do not resample (which will reduce or increase the amount of data in the file, and it will look smaller, or bigger, on screen) the image will be unchanged and will still contain the same number of pixels (however, it will print at a different size). So you can ignore DPI. Just look at "pixel dimensions". This shows how many pixels there are in the image. As for how many pixels to use per side, this depends on the size (and shape) of the surface you are texturing, and the quality (resolution) you wish it have. High resolution body maps in DAZ will be around 4000 x 4000 each, but the eye surface map will, as you would expect, be much smaller. Personally, I tend to look at the size of the maps used on a similar professionally produced model of the type and quality I want to go for, and follow that.

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    The standard texture map size here on DAZ is 4000 x 4000. The bigger the map the better the detail will render on close ups. If you are doing something that doesn't have detail in it then 1024 x 1024, such as metals or any flood file texture.

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