dForce on non-dForce clothing trick!

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Not sure if this is common knowledge or part of the most basic tutorial on dForce or not but I thought I'd share just in case.

If you are trying to apply dForce to non dForce clothing and it keeps exploding, I've had a lot of success just throwing the character through the roof! By that I mean, take them out of the environment and anything that might hinder the simulation, be it a prop like a rug or a Point light or anything. I just lift them out of the environment into thin air and then simulate. It works almost everytime. Other times, I think it's because the pose is just too extreme for non-dForce to handle. Once you sim, you can bring them back down and render away.

Hopefully that helps someone who is fighting this battle.


small addendum..this doesn't work on laying poses. Standing is good or at the most squatting. But in my experiance, squatting is a bit extreme for non dForce clothing.

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