Hexagon and Windows 8 desktop (help)

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Iuse the newest version on Hexagon with my new Windows 7 PC, the system died 2 weeks ago.
I have to buy new PC (very high end) i7 CPU clocked to 4.2 GHz. 16 Gb RAM and (per DAZ support) NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M 2GB Video w/ NVIDIA Optimus is the one of the better ones for OpenGL .

My DAZ Studio 4.6 64 bit screams with now issues, it also uses the OpenGL....I use update manager from DAZ so I know I have the newest version.

The issue is Hexagon will start and run for 2 to 3 minutes, then crash. Per Daz support Windows 8 is not yet supported. But try and buy a new PC without Windows 8. I tryied running in Windows 7 mode under advanced setting in shorcut.

Has anyone had this issue?
Is anyone running Windows 8 ? and the newest version of Hexagon?
Does anyone have the advanced setting in short cut to try?

Here is what DAS support sent me:

Kraig Hausmann, Aug 22 08:32 (MDT):
Hi Todd,

Check the graphics card driver and have it updated. That *may* resolve the issue. The most common reason for Hexagon crashing is poor OpenGL support. You can also reset the preferences (EDIT --> Preference Editor --> Reset all preferences to the default) and make sure that ambient occlusion is turned off.

Hexagon 2.5 has never been tested in Windows 8, so that may still be an issue also. Windows 8 is not listed under supported Operating Systems: http://www.daz3d.com/products/hexagon/hexagon-tech-specs/

Please let me know if you have any questions about this issue. If you have a different question or issue, please create a new ticket. Thank you.


David Sandberg, Aug 21 07:35 (MDT):
Thank you for contacting DAZ Sales/Tech Support. We strive to answer all e-mail support requests as soon as possible. In the meantime, please feel free to take a look at our help desk (https://helpdaz.zendesk.com/home) if you haven't already, as your question may already have an answer there.

We will get back to you shortly!

Thank you

DAZ3D Team


todd berube, Aug 20 23:05 (MDT):
Hexagon keep failing running on windows 8. can not run app more than 5 min before failure occurs.
I have tried to run in Windows compatibly mode of Win 7 64 bit.



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    I'm using Hex under Win8.

    I've picked up these tips from other threads about installing Hex under Win7 & 8

    Tip 1

    One caution - do NOT install to Program Files or Program Files (X86)! In Win7 those are write-protected directories, and Hexagon tries to save a number of its components in its home directory when you use it. Just install to C:\Hexagon or some other such (I used C:\DAZ-3D\Hex, but that’s just me being me).

    Tip 2

    There is a bug/problem with Hexagon attempting to use multi-processors.
    Please try:- Open nVidia control panel-> Managed 3d settings. Change the option:- “Threaded Optimization” to “Off”

    Tip 3

    Turn off triple buffering in video card settings.

    Hope these tips help you stabilize Hexagon.

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    This seem to work.
    I used the 2 setting in the control panel you pointed me to ...
    I am also running in Windows 7 mode in the OS for Hexagon

    Thanks again

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    I have Win8 that I got almost a year ago, I have just put Hex 2.5 on it again. It runs ok, but old Hex and OBJ files that I have created will NOT show up in Hex on Win8. They are invisible and I cannot figure out how to get them to show up. Any suggestions?

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    This is what I get when I try to open a model that I have created

    1920 x 1080 - 189K
  • ClaywomanClaywoman Posts: 31
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    This is the error message I get when I try to save a newly created obj. the hex file saved, but it is not in my documents. I am not sure where it is

    1920 x 1080 - 190K
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    Install and use Blender instead! I stopped trying to work in a program that is no longer supported!

    Reasons to use Blender vs hexagon:

    1st Blender is free, hexagon is not.

    2nd Blender is 64bit, hexagon is not.

    3rd Blender modeling program uv editor works, hexagon's does not.

    4th Blender is supported and constantly updated, hexagon is not.

    5th Blender works in windows 8 and hexagon does not.

    See a pattern : )

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    Thanks Silver Dolphin

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    I fully agree that it is a good idea and well worth the considerable learning curve to get to know Blender - it is a great all-round application and constantly under development.

    However, to be fair, Hexagon is a really good and easy to use modeler, unlike Blender. It does work perfectly well under Windows 8 and it's UV mapping is simple, works well and has a lot of UV manipulation tools.

    I personally prefer to use UU3D for UV mapping and would recommend it to anyone who needs to do a lot of UV mapping - dedicated mappers are really a must for the serious modeler, because of the many options which you don't get in all-round applications.

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