Voucher for June - Deleted Email

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Well I knew it, I thought I had popped the email for June's Voucher in my DAZ folder but nope, deleted it by mistake. The current policy of not having a voucher coupon for Platnium Members means it you lose it, it's lost - That I don't think is fair. There should be at least, the coupon number in my account and if I don't use it for the month, then that's my choice. Is there anyway to have it resent?



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    At least you got a voucher.

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    It is posted in this thread:



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    katanji, you are currently not showing as a Plat club member. If you are currently a PC member you may need to file a support ticket to get your status changed, oor if you are willing to wait till Monday, we can flag the issue up for you.

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    I paid my annual membership 2 months ago and my expirry date is April 2013. In fact, I recently got an email concerning the problems during the 3rd week of May and my credit account was increased $10.00 because of the issue and I only received it because I am a PC member.

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    OK, just got a reply, you will need to contact Sales, so put in a support ticket, using help / contact us/ submit a help request. Give details of order number, and if you used Paypal, the transaction number

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