Bryce 7 refusing the given serial code

Hi there

I recentl purchased Bryce 7 and did the download, it's an exe,

the other two files were for mac and I did have a nose in there as well.

I found my serial number in the section of my accounts after the dl,

I installed it 

I put in the cerial number, it is saying that it's invalid, searched here 

searched the net, did the suggested re-dl it, re install it, same.

Tried it again, and again, put a ticke in but nothing as yet.
I just can't get it to accept a cerial number, not with any
refresh and I'm using windows 10.

Hope you can help 



  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 29,546

    Ok,  there are 4 files for PC and 4 files for Mac with Bryce 7 pro.  Bryce win32.exe is the actual program file,  You do not need the Bryce lightining files unless you inted to set up a render farm.  

    This is a very useful document to help you make sure you get stuff in the right places, as Bryce is very, very particular.

  • Hi yes I have all that downloaded I have never had this trouble before :)

    I also went to my account, clicked the little person icon, went to certial numbers

    placed in the cerial number.. get invalid each time.

    I don't have a problem with Vue, Daz or Poser, it's just Bryce that's being badly behaved. :)



  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 29,546

    I have just realised that you have posted this to Tech Help forum.  I am going to move it to the Bryce forum,  and someone will be sure to give you advice there.

  • StuartBStuartB Posts: 578
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    Are you sure you have all the serial number. Looking at the image you posted it does'nt look long enough.

    Mine is 35 characters including the hyphens (-).

    Like this:


    Also if you are typing the number in, make sure you dont get the letter O confused with the number 0.

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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 29,546
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    Very good point Stuart, mine is as well    and it should start with   BDZCPRO    or something similar

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  • HoroHoro Posts: 6,241

    Hard to believe, but I had this issue last week. Bryce 4, 5 and 5.5 were OK but 6.0, 6.1, 6.3, 7.0 and 7.1 asked for Name and Serial number. I have them, entered, they were wrong - the respective files were still in the main Bryce folder where I could look up things. This happened after Windows removed a potential harmful software. I couldn't even delete or rename any file without explicit acknowledge it. Luckily, I have a second Win7 machine and everything worked there so I just compared the settings, corrected it, rebooted and I'm back again.

  • S RayS Ray Posts: 190

    Yea that’s an 18 digit SS# could be for Bryce 6. My B6 SS# is 18 digits  My B7 SS# is 35 Digits.  Are you coping & pasting the SS#?  Or try opening a help ticket @    I run Bryce from an external USB storage dive, I recover my OS (Win 10) 3 or 4 times a year and never have to reinstall Bryce or even enter the SS# again.

  • ed3Ded3D Posts: 366

    _and looks like an _Bryce 5.5 number_

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