Looking for someone to design clothing

Hi, I wonder is there is someone here who can design custom clothing for some of my characters.  I'm writing a series of books and I have three aliens I need outfits for.  The aliens are available here on DAZ.  I need a skin tight one-piece gray outfit for a Grey.  I found one outfit on DAZ but I can't get the color right.  It only comes out white.  The outfit needs to be a combination of shoes, pants, and shirt.  The Grey is a Genesis 8 Female standing 3.5 to 4 feet tall.

The second is for a humanoid, a MIB.  That means a black suit, white shirt, black tie, dark sunglasses, and hat.  They are around 6.5 to 7 feet tall.

The third is reptilian.  Basically I imagine something like shoulder pads with wire mess hanging down to cover its chest and back.  Not sure what kind of pants since the creature has a tail.  I used the Baryolax from DAZ for it.  It stands around 7 to 8 feet tall.


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    Do you mean design as sketches that can be later turned into a 3D model, or create and rig 3D outfits for the 3D figures. I am doubting many will do it for free or cheap.

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    For the gray outfit, which one is it, and what is the colour you are aiming for, and what the result colour? There are a few tricks you can try.

    Suits, there are a couple of them in the store; have you looked at them? Examples:

  • I've asked some vendors before for that and only got one answer from Rihannon. Back then he said he'd do it for 2200$

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    I've asked some vendors before for that and only got one answer from Rihannon. Back then he said he'd do it for 2200$

    Sounds about right.  I normally average $60-90 an hour out of my store sales, let's say $75.  An outfit takes 20 hours for a small one (where small means four little pieces, like a bikini with bracelets and sandals).  That would mean I would end up with around $1500 from that small outfit in the store.  I have larger outfits that have earned me $6k-$7k over time.  And these are things where I had the resale rights and I chose them based on their marketability. 

    Once when I was new, I had someone pay me $30 for a custom outfit for Eepo and let me keep the resale rights for use on Renderosity (it's still in the store there, the Towel Chiton).  At Renderosity it made me around $100 over time.  It took around fifteen hours to complete.  After that and a couple of similar experiences I did the math and quit doing commissions. 

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    Most people have no idea the amount of time it takes to create custom clothing. Paying for that time is likely to be cost prohibitive unless you have a significant marketing budget. You may be better off finding things that will work for you.

    For the skin tight one, have you really looked at what xtart-3d has available? They kind of specialize in that sort of an outfit.


    For the third, maybe try something like the Dragonsbane Barbarian Outfit and combine it with the dForce Tabard and add a shader for Medieval Armor and Fantasy Scales depending on the look you want?

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    For the gray outfit, which one is it, and what is the colour you are aiming for, and what the result colour? There are a few tricks you can try.

    Suits, there are a couple of them in the store; have you looked at them? Examples:

    Here's the image of what I have so far.  I prefer to have the alien more gray and less brown, and his outfit being slightly darker than his skin.  Any help would be appreciated.

    I checked the suits.  The first one could do but I can't see the full picture of the black suit.  I need it solid black, no strips.  The last one looks interesting.  The Shadow Knows....  That could be a more modern version of a MIB.

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    It would be very helpful if you posted a link to the "RF Bodysuit" suit you are using on your alien. Or at least give the full name of the product?

    And also, the surface settings that you use would be useful. Is that grey in the preview the colour you want in the final render?

    As for your suit, just change the base colour to black, and the stripes will be gone like magic. You often won't find things that are perfect, but with a bit experimenting and learning how to work with the surfaces and other tools DS, you can come fairly close to what you had in mind. It's not as scary as it sounds, and also not as complicated as it appears, but it takes a while to wrap your head around it and get comfortable with it. smiley

    The last suit needs conversion to Iray - I'm using it on one of my characters in my comic, and the 3DL surface looked like plastic in Iray.

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  • Here's the link to the one piece Runway Fashion bodysuit.


    I've been able to change the color some but I can't get the skin and suit to match.  The color in the pic is what I started out with.  I would prefer the skin more gray than brown and the suit a little darker than the gray.

    As for the MIB suit, thanks, I didn't know about changing the base color.  Been having problems with Grey more and haven't experimented with MIB much yet.

    Thank you for your help, by the way.????

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    Thank you, and no problem. I do have the outfit, though not the character, so I can guide you through the steps if you want.

    Human skin is always tricky, but it's doable to get it to be more gray... and that suit is older - for Genesis 2 and is in 3Delight. The "white" you are experiencing in due to the surfaces being set up for a different render engine. If you send a 3DL surface into Iray, DAZ Studio does an "on the fly" conversion, but that doesn't always give the proper results, so it's best to convert the surface to Iray using Iray Uber shader, and start manipulating the surface to your heart's content from there.

    From the looks of it, you have just loaded the suit, and not applied any of the texture that comes with it, so I take it that you don't want the texture in general, just the shape of the suit with colour?

    If you select the suit's texture in the surface tab, does it look like in my screen capture?

    EDIT: Okay... for the skin surface, select the G8F figure, and in the surface tab, the "skin&lips&nails" unless you want to keep the lips in red, and the nail colour unchanged, like in my screenshot. I have marked the slots where you have to change the colour. With the changes I made there, I managed to get the G8F regular skin to look like in the iray preview render.

    If you tinker around with these three values, you should be able to get pretty close to your intended colour (unless the skin's dual lobe).

    EDIT: For the suit texture conversion, here's a short tutorial I made about converting 3DL clothes to Iray - in that case it was about a specific garment, but the general steps are the same. I maybe will help you? https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/comment/3029641/#Comment_3029641

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  • If yolu don't mind using Iray shaders on the suit, Tom2099 has some great leather shaders over at ShareCG.  Then you can tint the skin to match or close to matching using BeeMKay's procedure above.

    Based on your description, here is a little something I threw together for the MIB guy using Chuck and the H&C Business Suit and I also threw in a grey female using the Cool Grey leaher shader from tom2099 on the Eclipse Suit so you could see what it looked like.


    Grey and Chuck.jpg
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    Hi, have looked at the Iray shaders for texturing options?  There are some really good shaders in the shop for quickly adding texture, anything from vinyl to cloth, leather fur (the list goes on).  Billy, I really like that alien, the skin looks awesome.

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  • CGHipster said:

    Hi, have looked at the Iray shaders for texturing options?  There are some really good shaders in the shop for quickly adding texture, anything from vinyl to cloth, leather fur (the list goes on).  Billy, I really like that alien, the skin looks awesome.

    Thanks, but it is just RawArt's stock skin for his HyGrey female.

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    Here are two images of my Grey.  The first is of the skin settings, the second is the outfit setting.  I got the outfit roughly the color I want it, only I prefer it not to be too shiny.  But I can't get the skin anywhere close to the color of the outfit.  Something is set that keeps it brownish.  Any ideas?

    I don't want to buy any shaders without knowing for sure they will work.  I already bought a few things and they didn't do what I expected.

    Also, I noticed with DAZ is you don't always get what you see.  Especially when you render.

    Screenshot (30).png
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    Screenshot (31).png
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    You don't need to buy any shaders. The Iray Uber shader are part of DAZ Studio.

    First of all, PLEASE convert the suit texture to Iray. It is still in 3Delight, and that will not work properly. Select the bodysuit in the scene tab, then select all the surfaces of the body suit in the surface tab. Apply the Iray Uber Shader.

    Once you have converted it, look for glossy reflectivity and glossy roughness. Glossy reglectivity should be down around 40%, roughness up to 50% - experiment until you have a proper "rough" feeling to your suit.

    As for the skin - the character seems to be a morph without its own skin. May I ask what skin you are using?

    Also, the surface colour in the "standard" view can't be used for determining how the render colour will look, because the standard view uses a differenrrt render engine to display things, and it doesn't translate the Iray values properly. So, it is recommended that you use the nVidea preview (AUX Viewport) mode when you change the coulours.

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  • The skin is a Genesis 8 male.

    As for the last thing you mentioned. Pardon my ignorance but how do I use the nVidea preview (AUX Viewport) mode?

    BTW, I got the outfit less reflective now.

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    Go to Window-->Panes, and select Aux Viewport. Though I think in your layout, it is in the top right corner.

    It might open very small. in the aux viewport you can select the nVidea preview (see below) in the upper right corner of that window. Default is "texture" mode. You can use the dropdown window left of the view selection to see all available preview modes.

    Or, if you want to use the nVidea preview inside the viewport itself. The ball symbol is texture mode. For Iray, select the Iray option from the list that will show up once you have clicked on the triangle next to the ball symbol. Oh, and you would want to stop the iray preview mode if you are loading things into the scene, do simulation, or start a render.

    About the skin... as you are using a G8M regular skin (the defaul skin, I presume?), which should be pretty much the same as the G8F skin, here's a setting that would give it a very grey basic colour. Translucency and base colour combined have the biggest effect on your final colour.

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  • I can't seem to get it right.  I rendered it in both Iray and regular and they come out the same.  The image below is what I had to settle with.

    Thanks for the help, everyone.

    Grey's Ship.jpg
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    Well... You can try removing the maps from translucency OR base and see what that does. The only other option would be to take the surface map into photoshop or Gimp, desaturate it, and then try again from there.

    Also, is the suit still 3DL surface?

    EDIT: Okay... You seem to have used Michael8 skin? That behaves very differently from G8M default skin... It really is important that you state such details, because it is not possible to properly help - because there's just too many different things.

    The solution is to remove the maps in base and translucency. Just click on the square, and from the list that pops up, select "none". Then, chose a grey-ish colour. You then have to change the transmitted colour and the SSS colour. The result will be a grey skin.

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