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t's time to vote in the RRRR 404 Not Found! contest. 

Anyone can vote, not only those participating in the actual contest. You can vote for any entries except for you own entries, and we vote in two categories, Best and Funniest. Best is more of a traditional render contest voting where funniest more takes the humorous look at the image. Some images have a few lines of text explaining the story behind them, which often helps the voting, specially in the funniest category.  Each win (1st to 3rd place) will also give the winner at least one sticky Lucky Bastard pull, which means the next round will be a little harder, see below for how wins and Lucky Bastards are counted. We have changed the dropoff of Lucky Bastards so you will loose at half of Lucky Bastard earned the previous round, and set a maximum of seven LBs affecting your pull, if you have more, you will just pull seven a little longer.

Vote here: RRRR Voting 
Entries are here: RRRR - Error 404 Not Found! Entries only thread

So, what are we voting about?

Winner in the Best category
- $20 DAZ GC
- 1 item from Dumor3D's store (no DOs or Bundles)

Winner in the Funniest category
- $20 DAZ GC
- 1 item from Totte's (Code 66)'s store (no DOs or Bundles)

2nd in the Best category
- $10 DAZ GC
- 1 item from Dumor3D's store (no DOs or Bundles)

2nd in the Funniest category
- $10 DAZ GC
- 1 item from Totte's (Code 66)'s store (no DOs or Bundles)

Third in each category
- $10 DAZ GC

Fourth in each category
- $5 DAZ GC

The voting starts now, and ends Sunday August 19,  2018 - at 23:59:59 local DAZ Time

How votes are tallied and summed up:

Voting points: 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 3 Points, 4th = 2 Points and Tiebreaker = 1 Point.

If an image gets 1st, two 2nd, one 4th and two tiebreakers in a category, that is 5 + 2x4 + 2 + 2x1 = 17 Points

Every image points per category is summed up, and top three is calcutaled in each category. As we now have five prizes, a maximum of two entries from the same artist can end up top three in each category, this is to spead the joy a little more. 

The image with most points from the same artist will be the base, the the average score for up to for other images will be added to that score, but if that image takes a top three placement, images who got to the cream of the crop with help from other entires, will gain extra LBs based on how many places it climbed, minus one. Here are two examples:

Example 1: The top image from X has 15 points. X also has five other images that has been voted for, 10, 8, 7, 7 & 5 points. Thaking the average of the first four images behind the top one is 10+8+7+7 = 8, so the first image which was at 4th place, now gets 23 points and rises to the top and becomes the winner. But, that image climbed 3 steps, so it will not only win, but give the winner 3 LB for the next run. 

Example 2: The top image by Y has 11 points, and the second image 9 points. The top image will now have 20 points and go from 5th place to 3rd place, granting Y 2 LB for the next run.

If two images ends up with the same score, we use the same rules as in the European Song Contest, the number of higher scores wins over many lower scores, so if one image has 5+5+5+1 (16) and another has 2+2+4+4+2 (16) the first one will come before.

To avoid votespamming, anyone voting needs to post here in this thead that they did vote, and use the same name as they have posting here as the DAZ Forum name in the first question in the vote system at SurveyMonkey.

Remember to vote in both categories and place all five votes in both categories. Votes that fail to vote in both categories and votes faling to vote 2nd to 5th place will be discarded.



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  • L'AdairL'Adair Posts: 9,470

    Are we supposed to post here we voted? If so… Voted!

  • bohemian3bohemian3 Posts: 754

    Voted - that was fun !

  • The Blurst of TimesThe Blurst of Times Posts: 2,232
    edited July 2018

    Superb competition, and some really great compositions. It made for some tough decisions in voting!

    EDIT: Voted for myself 1, 2, 3, 4... KIDDING.
    I did vote, but I had to open up a Text document to organize the ones I liked the most. It wasn't easy.

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  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 6,012

    I voted even though it was so hard to vote this time around!

    Omg so man amazing renders this month!!

  • KaribouKaribou Posts: 1,311

    Voted!  It's always so much fun to look over the entries-only thread at the end.

  • 3dcheapskate3dcheapskate Posts: 2,603

    Voted  :o)

  • TynkereTynkere Posts: 608

    So many were equally good-- ended up using an app to settle tie scores.   

    Long way of saying, “Voted!”

  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,420

    I voted. laugh

  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 12,555

    I voted. Made my day to go through the entry thread. Great work, everyone.

  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,189

    Added one more week for voting - to few votes right now.

  • NoswenNoswen Posts: 358

    I managed to forget this the first time round blush, but I have voted now.

    Hard to choose!

  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 998

    I ve voted

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 6,071
    edited August 2018

    Glad I spotted this! I was really sorry not to be able to take part (again - I seem to have lost my inclination to do any scenes at the moment) but I'm happy to vote. Hard work going through all those entries and far more per category could have got my vote than 5! Anyway I voted. Good luck to all the entrants!

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  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,189

    OK, will tally soon!

  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,189

    Sorry - i'ts been a totally crazy week - I just haven't had the time to do the tally so far, I hope I can get some time next week if things can settle down a bit.

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