First Test of Dforce

First try at dforce and I was wondering what people think about it.  I think I got the basics down, the folds look ok, and I don't see any poke through.  This is the Mystical Charm Outfit for Genesis 8 Female. So feel free to let me know how you think I did on the dforce.



  • Muon QuarkMuon Quark Posts: 453

    Would help if I attached a picture right?

    dforce test.jpg
    600 x 800 - 166K
  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 10,744

    looks nice

  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 12,354

    Looks good!  Sleaves and long dresses can a be a bit finicky.

  • Muon QuarkMuon Quark Posts: 453

    Thanks for the feedback.  I'm trying hard to keep up with all the changes in Daz Studio that have happened over the last year or so.  Still learning iRay and just starting dforce.  Hopefully I'll catch up soon.


  • Ralf1958Ralf1958 Posts: 470

    I like it a lot!


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