Script limitations and SDK issues

I'm a compulsive programmer, and one thing that I really liked about DAZ Studio was the scripting interface. I already created some material concerning real-time collisions between figures (and I want to share in a near future), but the main drawback was the use of processEvents() function, which consumes about 30% of the CPU due to the mandatory while loop (you know, to make signals alive and responding).

I was really excited after realizing that DAZ Studio has a SDK for C++ programming, after all, a compiled language usually is faster than the interpreted ones. However, until now I couldn't manage to get the SDK. I mean, I really can't download it, there's not a hint about where I can find the (zip? exe?) file. The CMS in DAZ does not work properly (I also don't care at all about it), and the SDK is not included in Install Manager list, even though there is a hint in the site indicating "Manual Download" and "Install Manager". I can't find manual download too, which for me is the preferred choice, even though the link says that SDK is freely available and has Manual Download.

Moreover, I can't say that SDK will solve my problem, which is related to real-time event detecting and processing. In order to make plugins related to collision, the plugin execution must control the nodes' signaling and keep the connects alive without impairing performance (at least, not a lot!). My computer is fine, the problem is surely caused because the script made in DAZ Script is running processEvents() repeatedly.

Threfore, my three questions are:

  1. Concerning signals during DAZ Script execution, is there a way to make connections alive without while loop + processEvents()? Or without impairing performance?
  2. Where I get SDK for C++ plugin programming? I mean, where I download the SDK files? If possible, refer direct links, and have my eternal gratitude.
  3. If I have the SDK, can I make a plugin that manages real time/continuous signaling without extreme loss of performance? (or at least better than the script version)

These questions are of great value for me, and if everything goes okay, I could make a new collision plugin, which currently is not very supported DAZ Studio. The idea is to make something similar to MotionBuilder, another tool that I frequently use. Yes, I have the algorithms, just need the SDK or a more clean script.

P.S.: Sorry for the poor english, if applicable.


  • Have you purchased (for free)? If so then you should be able to Download or, for the SDK istelf, in DIM - there's also a version of DS 4.5 included for testing purposes, that does require a manual download. It shows in DIM for me.

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    Well, "purchase for free" did not make sense for me. However, I did it and worked fine, thanks! :-)

    Anyway, do you know any alternative besides SDK for maintaining signals alive in script without impairing CPU?

  • I'm no expert on SDK - it's been at least twenty years since I used C++ - but as far as I know this is not an issue, DS itself and the existing plug-ins use the signal and slot mechanism for communication and event handling.

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    Yeah, nevermind. I just started using SDK and observed the overall functionality. It's suited for the task that I have planned (handles event processing in real time without needing something like processEvents) and the compiled plugins are incredibly fast.

    Many thanks!

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