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Hi everyone!

I bought the last version of hexagon and i cant import/export *.dwg and *.dxf files. While searching on the net the reason, someone talk about a file called “adinit.dat” that is mysteriously missing in ?

can you help me to solve that problem please ?


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    ditto - references to the problem are all over this forum, and solutions... not-so-much.

    ironically, the most recent topic at the top of the hex forum is:

    Will hexagon be around for a while?

    And the usual 'rah rah' crew (meaning the daz insiders, *not* the dedicated hex users) are all saying 'sure, what would make you think hex/bryce/...' are dead products? odd.

    any way, the 4shared link from another thread is now dead, and I still need the file that enables the function I paid for (yes I bought hex 3 years ago... real money, etc.).

    Would any kind soul who has access to that file find a way to make it available to me? It would be greatly appreciated.

    I tried installing a slightly older version (, but it doesn't have the file either. Feel free to RTE-encode it if you have any doubts about my legitimacy, etc.

    DAZ, I just scratch my head sometimes...



    (edited to refine the 'rah rah' crew concept...)

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    Credit (and not begrudging) where it's due:

    re: my above post, I also submitted a ticket to daz/zendesk at the same time, and this morning received a bright shiny adinit.dat file that was manually extracted from a previous version of hexagon by a 'david sandberg' in their support department.

    While I wasn't quite able to import the dxf file in question, I'm fairly certain it's a classic file format issue, and was at least able to have hexagon give it a go using the adinit.dat file in question - it did get farther along the process for our efforts.

    I rolled these folks under a train for a recurring paypal problem, and gladly send kudos and props to David and crew for handling this issue quickly and to my complete satisfaction.

    thanks, DAZ.


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