G8F/M; There and back again

How do I send G8F or G8M to Hexagon and bring them back as a morph?  I want to create some custom morphs for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male, but trying to figure out how first.


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    Okay general Hexagon question is coming up next.  How do I change the view of the model in Hexagon so I can see what I am working on?

  • To send a figure from DAZ Studio to Hexagon you use the Hex-DS Bridge, you'll find it in the File menu. In DS, do not move the figure. In Hexagon, do not add or delete any faces.

    There are keypresses to move things around but I prefer to use the Navigation icons down the bottom of the UI, the ones which look like arrows. 

    These short videos will help you get to grips with Hexagon (26 in total) 


  • SfariahSfariah Posts: 24,429

    I will check that out when I have more time.  Thanks!

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