When's the next Bryce development cycle?



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    Flip said:
    The mac developer who had Bryce knowledge was on contract, and the contract ended before Lion was released.

    My point is that by the time of release all developers had news that rosetta was history and that Bryce was broken.
    FIRST: There was a quick upgrade sale to milk the software for every last dime.
    SECOND: There wasn't any notice for Bryce not working with 10.7.x (lion) Only that it operated with all systems.
    THIRD: Lion gets released to the public Bryce is broken and won't even install under lion and nobody hires the Mac developer back... to update the code?

    Clearly Daz is using the bryce application and it's legacy to attract more people to Daz and then get them to switch over to their own app for rendering.

    Daz has had Bryce since 5.0 so by the time they got past 5.5, 6, 6.1, 6.3 and the 7 Pro Beta they had long since gained all the people they were going to get from Bryce's legacy.

    The only thing that is clear is that you've allowed yourself to become so upset by this that you're rewriting history and assigning your opinions as motives for Daz.

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    Flip said:
    SECOND: There wasn't any notice for Bryce not working with 10.7.x (lion) Only that it operated with all systems.

    This statement is not true. You might not have noticed it. Fact is, Apple changed things with 10.7 the moment Bryce 7.1 came out. There is no Bryce version that works on 10.7 - and a lot of other programs don't as well. As for the other two statements - these reflect your personal opinion in a free world.

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    Still hoping there will be some movement towards the Lion update.
    Fading expectations.

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    When I say that I am dumping Bryce, I'm simply moving forward in a way that Bryce can't right now, I'm sad that it can't move with me, but that's life.

    I hope for an update, but more realistically version 8 which I hope will take Bryce into the future! And I'll happily upgrade if I have the funds at the time.

    But for now, I can't hang around anymore on an old system. I plan on getting a new Mac within the next year, so it will be handy to be using Lion at the very least until then.

    Bryce will have to catch me up later.

    I for one don't feel that Daz has misled anyone, but I do feel that the situation could have been flagged and communicated better.

    Here's to hoping for a bright Bryce in 64bit in version 8 :)

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