8ft Measuring Stick Prop for Daz Studio



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    efron_24 said:

    if you make one with inch and meter and put it for sale in DAZ for let's say 1 dollar of 2 dollar it becomes something that we can use in Install Manager and it shows up in the Smart content.. That would be Super.

    There's a texture map that I subsequently added to the OP that has metric measurements on two of the sides. 

    As for showing up in smart content, I'm not up to speed on 'tagging' my items currently, but I"m sure there's a way to do that.  As it stands, the folder containing this prop SHOULD appear at or close to the top of the props dropdown in Content Library, for wherever you choose to put it, My Library or My Daz 3D Library.

    I' prefer this being a free prop, as it's pretty simple, but I'll look into your other suggestions r.e. getting it to show up in smart content.

    I was also thinking of pairing a protractor to this, with a couple of needles that you can dial to various angles.  Not a lot of people need a protractor, but it might be nice when trying to figure out angles and such...

    In the meantime, apparently you can manually drag items across from content library to the place in smart content where you want them to appear, according to this post:


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