Using the Wormbeast in Poser11.

This is my first attempt at using a DSON to use a character in Poser. I managed to get DSON to load, and the character shows up in my runtime. However the character is not visible after it is loaded into Poser. I ran through all the DSON pages and everything is about Genesis.

There was nothing in the Wormbeast page about having to use Genesis, so the obvious question is, do I have to have Genesis to use the Wormbeast character?

I have used Poser for 15 years and would like to try out some of the DAZ characters that are not properly "Posered", so any help would be apreciated.


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    Did you install both the DSON file and the PCF  (Poser Companion Files)

    The readme file is here, if that is any help

    The PAs official Commercialthread is here    There may be some help in there.

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  • None of the read me files have helped.

    Did I load the files? I think so, but DAZ puts things putside the Runtime folders that might be needed. I may have to attempt to let the DAZ downloader install everything. It could also be my ignorance on how the scripts work.

    I'm still working on it.

  • Finally got it figured out. I missed the part about adding the DAZ Runtime to my library's. But that required the DAZ importer which I never used because I tend to remove and the junk from the ZIP files.

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    I'm glad you got it sorted out.

  • The Wormbeast is a fun figure. If only the inside of the throat had depth to the textures.

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