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There are good tutorials which explain how to convert G3 morphs to G8 but how can I do to convert a special figure ?

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    I'm not certain exactly what it is that you are wishing to do, Noah. Are you wanting to give the Genesis 8 figure(s) the Zorn shape? If so, there is no way to simply convert that shape to Genesis 8. You could attempt to use the Zorn shape as a guide to create a new Genesis 8 shape in a modelling program, but that would be a major undertaking and fall under the the "advanced" category. If you are wanting to rig the Zorn character to use the Genesis 8 rigging, that might be hypothetically possible, but again would involve a fair amount of jiggery-pokery in DAZ Studio as well.

    Might I ask why you would want to convert Zorn to Genesis 8? It is, afterall, a functional standalone figure to begin with. If you have specific issues with the figure you might be better advised to attempt to deal with them directly, rather than attempting any sort of conversion, IMO.

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    My goal is to use G8 poses.

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    You could try it with the transfer utility. 
    Pose the Zorn exactly like G8 in her normal pose and then use the transfer utility with the G8 as the source and the Zorn as the target. The figures should be overlapping. It won't be perfect though and it might won't work at all.

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    Rather than using Genesis 8 poses, Noah, might I suggest trying V4 or Genesis poses, as the rigging is similar. There are certainly a ton of poses available for those figures, especially V4. They will not all work perfectly, but should get you close enough to what you want to tweak your way there.

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