Lost in Space - Robot and Dr Smith

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Watching the new Lost in Space show on Netflix, brought back memories from my childhood and how much I enjoyed Dr Smith vs the Robot.  I thought I would model the Robot. 

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    Wow, great look-a-like of old "Danger, Danger!".

    I attached 3 video snaps from several of the old "Lost in Sapce" episodes. I bought the entire DVD boxed versions of the show, years ago, including the third season with the infamous invasion of the talking vegetables episode.

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    Great stuff!  I see those pictures of Dr Smith and I just laugh.  My daughter gave me season 1 which I am currently watching.  I need to pick up the other seasons.  

    Once I get this modeled, I am planning on texturing in 3D coat and rigging and rendering in Daz.  Fingers crossed.

  • Great piece of modelling. Have you thought about adding it to the Galleries (main and Hex) ?

    Would very much like to see how you get on with this project :)

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    Thanks John.  I appreciate your interest in his continued progress and I look forward to updating this thread with updates.  I plan on finishing the modeling tonight because I am anxious to get him UV mapped and start texturing.  I will also take your suggestion to add him to my gallery (which is currently empty) as well as the hexagon gallery thread. 

    BTW....I added your "Gen's Kitchen" model to my wishlist.   

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    Are you planning to make the Robot posable? I was thinking you could begin animating him with sound, showing him waving his arms about and saying "Danger, Danger" with his lights flashing, or maybe "It does not compute."

    In 2003 someone made a 3D model of the Jupiter 2 flying saucer home of the Robinson family, and I have some images of it saved. I don't know if it was a model for sale or for free.


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    I am planning on rigging and animating him in Daz.  I agree that the flashing lights, waving arms and "DANGER DANGER" would make for a retro cool animation.  Thanks for the suggestions.

    I would be interested in seeing the pics of the Jupiter 2 model.



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    Ready to start UV mapping.  

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    It doesn't say Jupiter 2, but it sure looks like it.

    It was, or maybe still is, at the Renderosity store. An old file list says it was made in 2003.



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    @richmclean that's an awesome B9... yes

    I am going to do one in Carrara one day.. have done the chariot, the space pod, JII and the laser guns you can find them in the Wacky Modeling thread in the Carrara board...

    would like to do the new LiS robot... but looks like a tricky job

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    Has anyone modeled the Flying Sub from another of Irwin Allen's American Sci-Fi TV series of the 1960s "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"?

    Years ago, out of curiosity, I searched the web for photos of old plastic model kits and found these. I remember buying, or rather having someone else buy me, Aurora plastic model kits in the 1960s of vehicles and spaceships from various SF movies and TV shows, but not all of them. The plastic models would be a great reference for 3D computer modelers, but they are expensive.

    FLYING SUB Deluxe Model Assembly Kit.jpg
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    Lost in Space classic Jupiter 2 plastic model assembly kit 2.jpg
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    Lost in Space classic Jupiter 2 plastic model assembly kit 1.jpg
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    Lost in Space Robot Model Kit.jpg
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    Dr. Zachary Smith and Robot B-9 by Polar lights.jpg
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  • Ready to start UV mapping.  

    awesome smiley


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    Thanks to everyone/anyone who takes the time to view my progress.  

    I have UV mapped him in Ultimate Unwrap3d (a great recent purchase).  I have also textured him in Substance Painter.  I have also rigged him in Daz and did a quick animation to help work out the kinks with his rig.  Now I have to bring my textures into Daz and setup a scene.  I am anxious to see all the lights animated.  I really look forward to adding sound which I hope finally brings him to life.  Not seeing how to post animation on the Daz site (anyone have tips in this regard)  so here is a youtube link to the test

    Hey @Stezza, I tried out Carrara and I struggled with it.  I probably gave up too quick.  I may have to buy it again during a big sale.  I definately like all the work that you have produced using Carrara.  I went looking for your Lost in Space models and I must be overlooking them.  I would be very interested in seeing them and very interested in seeing what you do with a B9 robot.  All your Hanna Barbera models are very cool and stir up a lot of nostalgia in my aging mind.  The Banana Splits (who I saw in concert) and H R Pufnstuf were two of my favorite shows (along with Lost in Space of course).

    Hey @FlashGarcia, I wish I had those model kits.  It would be nice to have reference that you can actually touch.  That Spaceship-L1 link that you provided is an excellent model.  I wonder if it is based on the Gemini ship from the pilot or the Jupiter ship from the show.  Good old Irwin Allen produced some cool stuff.  The Poseidon Adventure is still one of my favorite movies.  I saw it in the theaters 13 times. 

    Thanks @seegsons  :)


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  • Great animation, your rigging looks perfect.

    For some reason I cannot see your last render, I just get an empty box :(

  • richmcleanrichmclean Posts: 79

    Hey @Wee Dangerous John, THANKS! :).  Hard to see (I know) but did you notice the soil sampler animation?  

    In regards to not seeing the render, I just uploaded the image again so hopefully it fixed it.  Thanks for letting me know.

  • Thanks Rich, yes I can now see the render - did you manage to animate the lights ?

    I did notice the soil sampler, I am very impressed with you rigging skills - a lot better than I can do.

  • richmcleanrichmclean Posts: 79

    I am working on getting the textures into Daz now and then I will post (hopefully) the animated lights (or die trying).

    Concerning rigging, thanks for your kind remark.  I enjoy rigging in Daz (though limited in the availability of constraints).  I use to rig in Lightwave 7 which was such a chore.  If Daz would add functionality that would allow setting up a reverse foot rig, I would be extremely happy.  For now, I rig characters in Daz then move them to Akeytsu for setting up IK constraints and animating before bringing back to Daz for rendering.  Unfortunately, It is not a smooth pipeline going between Daz and Akeytsu due to how both handle FBX files (differently).

    I hope to have more to show you soon.



  • SyezzaSyezza Posts: 6,887


    try this link to see my wacky modeling... Jupiter II, chariot and laser guns smiley

    Your B9 is awesome.. the modeling is great on it thanks for sharing your workflow yes

  • richmcleanrichmclean Posts: 79

    Hi @Stezza

    Thanks for the link.  You are obviously a modeling machine.  Those are great models and renders.  I really like the chariot scene.  Good old Don West ready for action and Dr Smith complaining in his ear.   The Robot looks like he is ready to zap Dr Smith at any moment.  :)

    You continue to make me think I returned Carrara too quick although I really like Hexagon and DAZ. 




  • SyezzaSyezza Posts: 6,887

    thanks for the kudos yes

    come on over anytime... we have icecream smiley

    oh the pain! lol

  • richmcleanrichmclean Posts: 79

    I got the lights flashing so I put together a test video and posted on youtube.  

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to check it out.


  • FlashGarciaFlashGarcia Posts: 467


    Great animation work! Did you render the whole animation in Daz Studio?

    The flashing lights, the desert landscape, dusty wind, and the sound make all the difference. As long has you don't have the robot singing "GreenSleeves" and strumming a guitar, everything is working out fine.



  • richmcleanrichmclean Posts: 79

    Hi @FlashGarcia,  Thank you very much.

    "singing Greensleeves".......hahahahaha....they did do some crazy things with the robot on that show.  

    The only thing that was not rendered in Daz was the particles.  They were added in Hitfilm.  I used Animated Textures Script Pro for Daz Studio 3 & 4 for the flashing lights.

  • FlashGarciaFlashGarcia Posts: 467

    How about robot B-9 encountering K-9 from the old Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Doctor Who series episodes.

  • richmcleanrichmclean Posts: 79

    Maybe taking him for a walk. :) .Thanks for the suggestion.


  • Roman_K2Roman_K2 Posts: 1,096

    That's a nice clip. How about he encounters a dusty hamburger stand and tries the drive-thru window.

  • richmcleanrichmclean Posts: 79

    Thanks @Roman_K2

    That is a very funny idea.  I can picture the stunned face of the girl working the register.  

  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 38,324

    I got the lights flashing so I put together a test video and posted on youtube.  

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to check it out.


    ...that is great. Incredible model even for static scenes.

    Would love to see the "Danger Danger" mode with the arms flailing wildly.

  • Nice 3d image ot the B9 ROBOT


  • Roman_K2Roman_K2 Posts: 1,096
    kyoto kid said:
    Would love to see the "Danger Danger" mode with the arms flailing wildly.

    Ha ha... that reminds me of Hexagon's warning when you smooth too much! laugh

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