Is there an accurate method of putting a Genesis 8 figure into a T-pose for Unity?


I'm using Daz Studio Genesis 8 characters for a Unity project in order to create immersive scenes that the participant can interact with.  I've got a fairly decent workflow going to work with the characters, using special shaders for double-sided materials and hair, and everything's looking fantastic!

However, I'm having issues when it comes to animating the characters, as Unity Mecanim isn't putting the characters into an exact T-pose when I use the humanoid rig.  Instead, it looks like the legs a spread apart a little, and the toes point outwards.  This has a knock-on effect when it comes to using animations from the Unity asset store, as the rotations of these joints are effectively offset.  I can correct the pose manually to make it look better, but it's still not quite right.

So my question is, is there anywhere that I can get a pose preset that sets the character to Unity's required T-pose? If not, then is there any information available as to how much I need to rotate each joint to get it to this correct pose when I'm configuring the avatar within Unity?




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    Select Left shoulder: Bend, 45.61

    Select Right shoulder: Bend, -45.61

    Select Left Thigh: Side-side, -6

    Select Right Thigh: Side-side, 6


    then save it as a pose preset.


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  • nicstt

    You're great, man

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    I think that should be 45 degrees.  One half of a T-pose is logically 45, but some people tend to over-correct it because some Genesis 8 bones are slightly shorter, so the two figures fingernails don't overlap perfectly.  They should at least be pointing in the same direction though, straight out at 90 degrees.

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