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I'm having a hard time using Bryce 7 right now because the controls have gone wonky. Whenever I try to rotate or move the camera, move an object in the scene, or resize/move an object, as soon as I move the mouse at all, it is as though I have pushed it as far as possible. It does not slowly resize/move/rotate, it flies wildly off the screen. This is only happening in Bryce (no other Daz products or any other Windows application for that matter), so there isn't anything specifically wrong with the mouse seetings on the PC itself. It is as if the mouse sensitivity settings are maxed out.

Any thoughts? As of now, Bryce is unusable in this state as I can't control the scene. Reinstalling does not do anything to fix it. I don't know where to adjust the sensitivity of the edits in the application itself.


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    I'm assuming that this is happenning while using the trackball. I rarely use the trackball, except when I want a simple rotation or camera height etc., around the object in question (and only then it would be during Director's view, as during Camera view the object goes all over the place). For more control use the three yz, xy and xz controls above the trackball. And also, if you are using the Camera view, in liu with the trackball at a more zoomed-in level, the movements are further exaggerated.

    But  if you do insist on using the trackball for both Camera and Director's view, try using the Ctrl or Alt button while moving the trackball, which allow different movements (try experimenting with, say, a sphere object, rather than on your project, to see how all the above work).


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    Another possibility if using the Perspective (not the Directors) camera is to select the camera then it can be controlled like an object with the Edit controls. Or just open the camera dialogue and enter the values for positioning and rotation.

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