Vue atmospheres in Bryce

Is there a way to use Vue atmospheres in Bryce? Any help is appreciated!!


  • bytescapesbytescapes Posts: 895

    The short answer is 'No'. Each program has its own way of rendering atmospheres. The system used by Vue is, as far as I can tell, considerably more sophisticated than the one in Bryce, and capable of generating much more realistic results.

    I suppose it would be theoretically possible to have a program that maps the settings in a Vue atmosphere to similar settings in a Bryce atmosphere, but at the end of the day, what you'd get would be rendered in the Bryce engine, and would probably look nothing like the Vue version.

    One thing that you might be able to do is to use skies rendered in Vue as an HDRI in Bryce. (Simplifying recklessly, an HDRI is an image that can be used not just as a backdrop but also as a source of lighting for your scene). There's a thread in the forums where a user describes using HDRIs from Vue in Bryce, but it seems that this is not easy to do well.

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