Morphed g8 issue

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I have a character which i moved from g3 to g8 by creating a morph. I then saved the moprhed g8 as a character preset. the morph does include a slight variation in head size

Annoyingly if i create a scene with him in it, and save it, when i reload the scene, the characters hair does not conform to the morphed head. If i try to delete and  reload just the hair, it still refuses to conform so I have to reload the character emtire character and then refit the wearables preset, which is not ideal because it means I have to re-pose it which can mean wasting a significant amount of time.

Anyone know of a way around this issue?

(corrected spelling of morph in title - Mod)

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 47,587

    Have you saved the morph as an asset - File>Save As>Support Assets>Morph Asset?

  • ThundornThundorn Posts: 21

    Yes the morph is saved to G8 as a support assets> morph asset

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 47,587

    Odd, most of the time when people have the not fitting issue the morph hasn't been saved as an asset. I'm not sure what else to suggest, other than double-checking that the version in the scene really is the asset file and not just embedded.

  • ThundornThundorn Posts: 21

    Ill give that a try thanks 

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