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Hello ! Do you know if there is a Daz add-on, or any possibility to auto apply on a few characters a batch of poses and DAZ to save automatically one duf for each character/pose ? Something like batch render, but for poses, where you choose a number of saved characters C (duf), number of poses P (duf, from presets) and the program will save a duf for each character inserted with each pose (PxC). 

Thank you !!!

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    Not to my knowledge. At least, I haven't heard of any such tool.

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    That would be fairly simple to script, I think - just need two folder selections, either by typing them into the script or via file dialogue, then iterate over them loading each character and applying each pose, then saving. However, it sounds rather inefficient compared to loading the desired character and aplying the pose - what are you wanting to do with these scenes once you have them?

  • Thank you for answers, I hoped there was a tool already made, that I missed, but, I am happy that it is possible and simple to make one.  I use daz rendered images for illustrations; characters are rendered, and after, images are processed in adobe photoshop. It is be better for me, to choose the best image of a character (set of characters), from a collection of high quality (rendered) images. This tool can help me, to quickly prepare a variation of poses of a character (running variations, for example) and batch render them, over the night.  Now, I am doing this in usual way, as you described, previewing the result and save few of them for render. I will try to write the script and will see how goes.  

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